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  • BS/1 Professional Time Billing  51)   BS/1 Professional Time Billing 2008.3
    Time Billing and Accounting Software: AP, AR, GL, Inventory, Time Billing, Sales Analysis, Bank Reconciliation. Jobs are tracked by priority and due date. Includes a stopwatch and time calculator.

  • 4XPipSnager 2.0  52)   4XPipSnager 2.0 2.0
    4X Pip Snager is going to change all ! You'll learn how to trade with the near term trend right off the bat! You'll learn how to buy only when you're suppose to be buying, and you'll learn how to sell only when you're suppose to be selling.

  • All Asset Tracker  53)   All Asset Tracker 1.1
    All Asset Tracker is an easy to use asset management database that will allow you to manage all of your company's assets. All Asset Tracker provides a simple and flexible asset management software solution.

  • Excel Invoice Manager Pro  54)   Excel Invoice Manager Pro 2.18.1021
    With this flexible billing software & invoice software, you can create invoice, email invoice, extract an invoice as a file, track inventory, and manage customer accounts/bill customers. The Pro edition of the software has built in network support.

  • Business Valuation Model Excel  55)   Business Valuation Model Excel 41
    Business valuation software with a 3 year performance forecast, sensitivity analysis, investment return, and calculated business valuation. Easy to use input interface with tabular and graphical outputs. Quick and effective result, minimal input.

  • BS/1 Enterprise Accounting  56)   BS/1 Enterprise Accounting 2008.3
    Accounting and Distribution Software: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Quotes, Sales Analysis, and Bank Reconciliation.

  • Supra Forex 2.0  60)   Supra Forex 2.0 2.0
    Supra Forex is an easy to use online software Supra Forex is not a Forex Robot You only need to use Supra Forex software once or twice a week and no more than 30 minutes Supra Forex tells you exactly when you should enter and when you should exit

  • BPA Restaurant Professional  61)   BPA Restaurant Professional 8.0
    Business Plus Accounting Restaurant Professional 8.0 is a complete Restaurant Point of Sale/Accounting System. Please see for more details.

  • Abacre Retail Point of Sale  62)   Abacre Retail Point of Sale 4.0
    A complete retail management system that encompasses all aspects of the retail: taking orders, billing, purchasing, inventory and labour management. A rich set of reports covers all retail operations. Easy to install and use; affordably priced.

  • PayPunch Professional  63)   PayPunch Professional 9.14.238
    PayPunch is a Biometric Time Clock & Attendance tracking system that replaces the typical time clock used to track employees attendance. PayPunch can pay for itself in as little as 2-3 months.

  • Abacre Restaurant Point of Sales  64)   Abacre Restaurant Point of Sales 5.0
    A complete restaurant management system that encompasses all aspects of the restaurant, from taking orders to billing and tax reports. A rich set of reports covers all restaurant operations and life cycles. Easy to install and use; affordably priced.

  • TARGET  65)   TARGET 9
    Target, a complete accounting software that handles Financial Accounting, Billing , Inventory (batch wise / location wise ), Sales Tax Reports , Excise reports / Registers , consignment sales , customized billing formats and other documents.

  • GCS MedOffice  66)   GCS MedOffice V9
    GCS MedOffice - Medical office management and electronic insurance billing software.Accounts Receivable,Patient Statements [Regular & PI,] Insurance Aging,Patient Analysis,Practice Analysis,Transaction Analysis,Patient Labels,Form Editor [CMS 1500],

  • ExactSpent Time Tracking Software  67)   ExactSpent Time Tracking Software 2006
    ExactSpent 2006 is a time tracking software, which provides exact record of the time you spent on jobs. Easy to use utility to track your time, store your time records, get time logs of your time spent on the job for own use or for client report.

  • Best CashBook  69)   Best CashBook 4.50
    The ideal tool to manage cash and finance. With [Cash+Deposits-Cards=Net cash], it treats cash, deposits, cards, other finance as one to give an insight of incomings, outgoings, and fund changes. Anyone can translate it to make his own version of it.

  • Historical Quotes Downloader  70)   Historical Quotes Downloader 2.01
    Instantly download end of day historical quotes of stocks and indices traded at US and international stock exchanges. Historical stock prices output is given in plain text contaning open, high, low, close and volume. No data feed subscription fees.

  • Easy Time Control Professional  71)   Easy Time Control Professional
    Easy Time Control Professional Edition is the solution that offers unparalleled performance with the flexibility and functionality required for today's business environment and makes time capturing process easy.

  • ARM Mortgage Calculator  72)   ARM Mortgage Calculator 1.1
    This interactive mortgage calculator gives you a thorough estimation of your mortgage costs, including the annual percentage rate. It works with adjustable rate mortgages, as well as fixed rate or interest-only mortgages.

  • APS Accounting and stock control  73)   APS Accounting and stock control
    Easy to utilize multy currency Accounting&Stock direct Systems, Complete fiscal and checking stock reports, unconstrained companies, unconstrained fiscal years, BarCode enabled, included APS Report Builder & import wizard

  • creditcard  74)   creditcard 1
    credit card loans auto consolidation debt payday mortgage interest rates navy federal credit union

  • Simple Home Money Management  75)   Simple Home Money Management V2006
    FREE Home Money Management / Budgeting Software, easy to use and great reports! Simple Home Money Management software will help you turn the above statements into a reality for you by helping you to get on top of your home finances.

  • PractiCount and Invoice Business  76)   PractiCount and Invoice Business 2.4
    Universal word counting and line counting and invoicing software for freelance translators, transcriptionists, writers. Batch text count in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, WordPerfect, HTML and PDF files. Adjustable word, line, page, character count options

  • Basic Invoicer  77)   Basic Invoicer 9.0.1
    Create and Print Invoices. Save Customers and Items for later recall Calculates taxes, discounts, add Shipping Handling, Additional Charges or credits. Completed Invoice becomes a receivable and can be reviewed until paid. Remittance Slip optional

  • Easy Time Clock Driver  78)   Easy Time Clock Driver
    Easy Time Clock Driver is our middleware software that is designed to maintain connection and communication between Easy Time Control database and your time clock of any type.

  • Logbook Pro  79)   Logbook Pro 1.12.0
    Pilot logbook software for Windows and PDA companions for Palm, Pocket PC, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and Android.

  • Star Quotes  80)   Star Quotes 1.00
    Star Quotes is a simple yet powerful program used to make the process of typing up and printing Quotes/Estimates easy. There are many features that simplify the whole process. Free for 30 Days !!! Discover more info at

  • Loan Calculator  81)   Loan Calculator 1.0.279
    Loan Calculator and Loan Engine components are designed to add complex financial calculations and user interfaces to your software applications.

  • TeraCash  82)   TeraCash
    Check Cashing Software that works for you! TeraCash is designed to help your company run a successful and profitable check cashing business! Easy to use screens, multi-lingual text and Biometric security backed by a highly scalable database engine.

  • AcQuest Pro Depreciation  83)   AcQuest Pro Depreciation 5.06
    AcQuest Pro Depreciation. Windows 95, 98, Me, & XP. Fed, GAAP, state, AMT, and ACE depreciation for multiple companies. With demo years cannot be rolled forward. Supports most deprecation methods.

  • Point Of Sale Software by QuickBooks  84)   Point Of Sale Software by QuickBooks 7.0
    QuickBooks Point of Sale Trial Software helps your business to improve inventory control and management by; inventory management, identify profit margins, track order history & integrates with key business solutions or hardware.

  • Pro-Repair XRI  85)   Pro-Repair XRI 8.05.44
    Pro Repair is quality Auto Shop Management Software at an Affordable Price!Print Work Orders/RepairOrders/Invoices, Track Sales, Track Inventory, Reminders, Marketing

  • Timesheet application  87)   Timesheet application 4.5.1
    Timesheet application, billing automation, expense management, employee attendance automation, project management and task management. Free downloadable and hosted (ASP) version.

  • w/Ease Small Business Software  88)   w/Ease Small Business Software 1.5
    w/Ease Software is the ideal solution for managing and organizing a small businessí daily activities. Features include an interactive scheduling calendar, customer account management, job tracking, invoicing, and complete financial reporting. Low cost with no hidden charges. Free trial.

  • Easy Accounting  89)   Easy Accounting 3.0.33
    A Multi Company, Multi Branch, Multi Warehouse, Multi Currency Small Business Management and Accounting Software, supporting up to 5 concurrent users, offers a comprehensive suite of integrated financial accounting and operations management modules.

  • Logiciel Immobilier Loyer Gestion Locative  90)   Logiciel Immobilier Loyer Gestion Locative 1.5
    Immobilier Loyer est un logiciel complet de gestion locative immobilière : suivi des loyers et des paiements, quittances, régularisation des charges, indexations, formulaires 2044 et 2072... Pour particuliers et SCI.

  • Forex Candlesticks Made Easy 2.0  91)   Forex Candlesticks Made Easy 2.0 2.0
    Forex Candlesticks Made Easy is a distilled, concentrated, "just the facts" BLUEPRINT that's jam-packed with no-fluff content you can use today to generate your own trading profits... PLUS it comes complete with STEP-BY-STEP screenshots show

  • Dynasoft TeleFactura  92)   Dynasoft TeleFactura 4.81
    Dynasoft TeleFactura is the definitive BSS OSS convergent telecoms voice, data, voip, billing and Radius server solution for telecoms operators, callshop carriers and resellers and office service operators distributing telecoms and data services.

  • Forex Powerband Dominator 2.0  93)   Forex Powerband Dominator 2.0 2.0
    Forex Powerband Dominator to milk the Forex market for over 7 years, and realising how effective my system is compared to regular Forex traders, I decided it was time to give something back. But one simple ebook just wouldn't do this system justice.

  • Forex Bling 2.0  94)   Forex Bling 2.0 2.0
    Forex Bling's results have been WIDELY published in front of every trader's eye While other automatic trading systems give you only a black box (plus its mumbo jumbo results), we show you REAL FACTS! We not only report a backtest statement,

  • Timesaver 2006 Software for Avon Reps  95)   Timesaver 2006 Software for Avon Reps 2.0
    Customer and order management are some of the core components for Timesaver 2006 for Avon Reps. The key to growing your business is making the right business decisions and Timesaver can help you make those crucial decision with it's analytics module

  • AcQuest 1065 Solution 2005  96)   AcQuest 1065 Solution 2005 1.00
    AcQuest 1065 Solution 2005. Windows 95, 98, Me, & XP. Prepares federal Form 1065, U.S. Return of Partnership Income, K-1's, Sch D, 4562, 4797, 8825, & Deprn Schs. With unregistered version, data can be printed but not saved.

  • Lokad Safety Stock Calculator  97)   Lokad Safety Stock Calculator 1.0.985.0
    Don't waste time or money on your inventory. Start optimizing stock levels. Get stock covers, reorder points and more. Import data from many 3rd party apps. 1-click inventory optimization report. Sort your replenishment orders by suppliers.

  • PayPunch Lite  98)   PayPunch Lite 8.20.203
    PayPunch is a Biometric Time Clock & Attendance tracking system that replaces the typical time clock used to track employees attendance. PayPunch can pay for itself in as little as 2-3 months.

  • MagicBreakout Trading Strategy 2.0  99)   MagicBreakout Trading Strategy 2.0 2.0
    MagicBreakout Trading Strategy Cut losses and let profits run - this is the way how trade the professionals. Letting your profits run is the only way you can cover the cost of your losses and this is not as easy as it sounds. The emotion of fear com

  • Forex Cash Evolution 2.0  100)   Forex Cash Evolution 2.0 2.0
    Forex Cash Evolution:INTRODUCING... An Evolutionary Forex Trading Robot That Generates Profits Automatically In Any Market Condition Developed based on a highly-accurate mechanical system. Astonishing 92.5% Winning Rate. Work on autopilo

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